Getting support

Please join our Telegram chat to meet the developers and ask for support.

Helping out

Work on Akula is made possible by:

Gnosis Stateful Works 1inch Foundation

If you'd like to sponsor, check out our Gitcoin grant page.

Alternatively, you can donate to the following addresses:

  • ETH: 0x048a9ea34FcE0B2828a2703e486648c21ACCCC1A
  • XMR: 89AY6EC9jcadKCkncN6MC51S9C7LxhnKFQHu5GxFx3J3deGWW3PRPbMViRZVMxb9pEHAPVkanW6B4Qjz7Mb6kfPALuFgQiN