NOTE: Linux-only

Linux is the only supported platform for running Akula. Do not expect any help for issues on macOS or Windows.

Linux has been a fully working and convenient platform with broad hardware and software support for years. Impression that desktop Linux is for geeks is obsolete now.

It is secure, open source and without corporate or state kill switches - fully aligned with the ethos of crypto and especially important in the wake of new Cold War. For example, weaponization of Microsoft services has directly affected Akula through one of our dependencies which makes supporting their closed platforms unsustainable.

If your entire digital life is controlled by Microsoft or Apple - why turn to Ethereum anyway?

Building the source


  • clang 12+
  • libext2fs-dev / e2fsprogs-devel
  • pkg-config

Install rustup from

git clone

cd akula

cargo build --all --profile=production

You can find built binaries in target/production folder.


Latest builds are available on Docker Hub.


  • akula is the main binary that runs as full node:
akula --datadir=<path to Akula database directory>
  • akula-rpc is the RPC daemon, which can provide JSONRPC and gRPC endpoints based on Akula's database.

  • akula-sentry is the P2P node.

  • akula-toolbox provides various helper commands to check and manipulate Akula's database. Please consult its help for more info:

akula-toolbox --help